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what a weird piano

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Leo Patrone Photography

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I think the color red is one that’s very bold and dangerous and adventurous and daring. In the context of my music, color red signifies deep emotion, crazy emotion, passion, affection, being in love with someone, jealousy, anger all those crazy feelings. Those feelings are all very like a hundred miles per hour. Zero to a hundred. I think that my life would definitely be the color red right now; if it had to be a color because it’s just bold.

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Grease, 1978

Can I just get a hell yeah for the fact that Grease literally took the femininity associated with the colour pink and destroyed it with Rizzo. Is Riz a Pink Lady, with the silk jacket and everything? Yes. Does she wear lipstick like a fierce bitch? Yes. Does she have that “I don’t give a fuck” attitude that strikes fear into the hearts of men as they know they wouldn’t be able to handle how badass she is? Hell yes. Does she still get emotional and show that it’s okay to feel upset at things in life? You betcha!

Riz wears pink and heels and is 100% not afraid to whoop your ass in a bitch match. Girly girl my ass. She’s tougher than the T-Birds and she is damn proud.

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nailed it.

Every time I see this, I reblog it no matter what!

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wat da dog doin

$0 budget and they made the dog look like he drivin’ the car, this is a cinematographic achievement

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"Things I Promise Myself:

i. I promise to never tell someone the ending of a book or a movie unless they really ask for it. I don’t want to spoil the future by telling them what will happen, for most of the fun lies in the journey to getting there.

ii. I promise to never hate myself to the point where I will hold a razor blade in my right hand and a bottle of pills on the left. I will make sure that there is some kind of faint hope left in me. And I will spark the fire myself even when it burns out.

iii. I promise to never shed my skin for someone else. I will only do so when I am ready and when I want to.

iv. I promise to never love someone who only wants me on Friday and Saturday nights and never calls back on Sunday morning.

v. And I promise to never fill up the voids and empty spaces people left in others. I will make a home instead.

vi. I promise to never take my past experiences and place them as a burden on the future. I vow to make my decisions instead of letting bad experiences dictate my thoughts and feelings.

vii. I promise to continue to swim even when it feels like I am drowning. But I also promise to never swim towards the sharks or things and people that fool me into thinking they are lighthouses.

viii. I promise to be good to people even when they are not good to me. I will give them a smile even if they are murdering me with their eyes. And I will be compassionate, loving, nice, and genuine to the rest of the world even when it is only raining on me. I will still love the sky even when it storms.

ix. I promise to stop trying to control everything. Life is uncontrollable and that is a blessing, even when it does not seem like it at the moment. Soon, it will all fall into place and even if some things have no reason for happening, I will end up somewhere beautiful. And through it all, I will enjoy myself through the moments that make me bawl and the moments that make me laugh. It will all be worth remembering one day.

x. I promise to never give up on the beauty in life and the sincerity in people. Most importantly, I promise to never give up on myself. I acknowledge my worth and know my value, and therefore, I promise to let myself be happy."
M.D.LA Story A Day #177 (via mingdliu)

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"My body literally aches at the thought of never seeing you again."

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Unwilling to speak about anything but how gently this baby says “cheese” today. Thank you for understanding.

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